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Rick MillerFounder & CEOPHAROS Mission Critical Solutions

Rick founded PHAROS Mission Critical Solutions, LLC to provide a network of functional, government, and commercial business sector experts who work collaboratively with enterprises to achieve success by capturing risks, gaps, and inefficiencies in their unique operations, technology, management, and leadership elements that are critical to sustained mission success. PHAROS works to ensure enterprises are best postured for the utmost efficiency and effectiveness in highly competitive markets, as well as the ability to survive and thrive in crisis and when disaster strikes. Specializing in mission critical analyses and resiliency planning; business continuity; emergency management and disaster response; operations centers and associated technologies; training and exercises; thePHAROS network is a group of highly experienced practitioners working across various functional disciplines and business sectors, as well as academic, research and analytical talent. PHAROS client engagement representatives all have 25+ years of expertise in their fields and disciplines.

Prior to founding PHAROS, Rick led the Nautical & Safety Operations team at Carnival Cruise Line (CCL) where he was responsible for global nautical/marine operations for CCL's fleet of 26 ships including nautical voyage planningand execution, operational safety, occupational safety, environmental, training, and medical operations.Additionally, he led the concept development, planning, design, construction and opening of Carnival's Fleet Operations Center (FOC) in Miami, the largest and most advanced facility of its kind in the maritime industry. Rick led development of new and enhanced knowledge management and decision-support systems for the FOC resulting in enhanced safety, efficiency and positive guest experiences across the CCL fleet. The remainder of his portfolio involved interfacing with ports, port pilots, and port state officials; emergency and incident management operations; health, environmental, safety and security related training development on the ships; as well astalent/career & professional development for all of CCL's deck officers across the fleet. As a leader of nauticaloperations, he also represented CCL in corporate wide-initiatives that developed enhanced policies and procedures across all nine operating lines and 100+ ships of the corporate fleet.

Rick's Carnival experience followed a successful career in the U.S. Navy including command at sea, with numerous shipboard and staff assignments across a number of specialties. Operationally, he was on extended deploymentsseven times across multiple regions, sailing all the world's oceans around five continents. He participated inOperations Desert Shield/Desert Storm, Operating Enduring Freedom, counter-piracy and counter-terrorism operations, and dozens of contingency operations in Europe and the Balkans, Africa, the Middle East, Central and South Asia, the Caribbean and Latin America. He was professionally qualified for multiple roles in both surface ships and submarines.

Ashore, he led current operations for U.S. Southern Command, the Department of Defense regional command responsible for dispersed air, sea, land, cyber, and counter-narcotics operations across 31 countries in South/Central America and the Caribbean in collaboration with civilian government and non-governmental organizations. A proven specialist in both strategic planning and financial management, he served multiple tours in the Pentagon as part of both the Navy and Joint Staffs directing and planning a significant portion of the Navy'sprograms and budgets, guiding development of Department of Defense appropriations to support wartime activities, coordinating congressional engagements and support to the Office of Management and Budget. He served on the personal staffs of both the Vice Chief of Naval Operations and Chief of Naval Operations, the top two uniformed officers in the Navy. Additionally, Rick worked special support on several issues for the Chairmanof the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He also spent a year as the Navy's Federal Executive Fellow at the Institute for theStudy of Conflict, Ideology and Policy in Boston, Massachusetts.

Rick is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, a distinguished graduate of both the U.S. Naval War College and U.S. National War College and the Catholic University of America. His undergraduate and graduate degrees include engineering, international affairs, and strategic planning disciplines, as well as doctoral work in political economy. Rick has served as a guest lecturer in several graduate schools across the country. He is the author of over 30 articles, professional papers, and the book Funding Extended Conflicts, a history of U.S. war financing. He is a member of Pi Sigma Alpha, the National Political Science Honor Society. In his military career, Rick received multiple personal and team awards for superior achievement and outstanding performance. He was also thewinner of the Naval War College's B. Franklin Reinauer Defense Economics prize and the U.S Naval Institute'sNaval History Essay Prize. Early in his career, he led a team that designed, built and raced a human-powered submarine that won the first ever international competition and was featured in a National Geographic television documentary, the Wall Street Journal and Popular Science magazine.